Bar Games - Eltham Terrace Club

We offer a wide range of games for members to play free of charge in the bar.



Chess can be played at any time in the club and we have 3 lovely chess boards available for our members to use. We soon will be hosting chess tournaments, so lets us know if you are keen to play or organise one!



Backgammon boards, like our Chess boards, can be used at any time in the club. We have plenty of players interested in backgammon; please let us know if you are looking for a partner or just fancy a challenge against a different opponent.



Kalooki is played pretty much every day in the club and you can nearly always get a game. The best times are Tuesday lunchtimes, when we have a group of 8 or so meeting up for a regular friendly game. However, we have players of all ages and abilities looking to play this great game. Our rules are that you must have 40 points to come down.