At the moment the club is closed but we are delighted to announce we will resume pool, snooker and darts from:

5pm on Wednesday 2nd December

We will be open on Monday to Friday from 5pm to 11pm, we will be back to our usual schedule as soon more restrictions are lifted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the meantime with any questions and queries you may have.

We are taking bookings now.

Please read our new covid guidelines before entering the club:

Covid Risk Assessment and Adjustments

1. Staff Safety

Staff safety is paramount. Staff will be asked to stay at home if they show any signs of being unwell. While at work staff will have prior training to all new procedures brought in due to the pandemic. Staff will now wear face masks while working, be asked to regularly wash their hands and safety screens will be placed around the bar. Staff will also now be in work teams, so contact is limited. Shift patterns will also be recorded for 21 days.

2. Reducing the need for customers to queue

Pool tables will now be required to be booked in advance. As a private members club we will already have stored patrons phone numbers and addresses. When ringing we will check their details are up to date and store their name for 21 days. Having made a booking, all patrons will be told prior to visiting the club of their table number.Patrons must bring their own cues. Table service will be provided via messaging through orders to the club’s mobile phone. Where we can, doors will be wedged open to avoid touch points. All orders will stay on a tab and be settled at the end. When leaving the club, and paying their bill, patrons will be asked to wait until the bar is free so they can pay their bill safely whilst maintaining the two metre social distance.

3. Designated areas

All pool tables will come with designated seating areas. When players are not taking a shot they will be asked to remain seated in their seats.

4. Signage

Clear signage will be placed around the club showing patrons where hand sanitiser is placed and encouraging people to remain aware and keep a social distance at all times.

5. Entry to the club

The club will now operate a buzzer system to ensure no one will cross on the stairs. Nobody who does not have a booking will not be able to enter the club.

6. Patrons per table

There will now be a maximum of 2 people allowed per table to play pool. Even if people claim they are from the same household, a maximum of 2 people per table will still apply.

7. One way system

A one way system will now be clearly marked out around the club. This will help maintain social distance and face to face contact.

8. Patrons remaining at the table

Patrons will be asked to remain by their pool table while in the club unless for using the toilet. Moving around the club will not be tolerated and members who do break these rules will be asked to leave. All empty glasses and food will be collected by staff at all times.

9. Contactless payments

Contactlesspayments will be encouraged and when collecting these staff will pass the machine across to maintain a social distance.

10. Ventilation

Air con will be turned on to help with ventilation and doors will be open to encourage the circulation of air in the club.

11. Cleaning schedule

Cleaning will be increased. The club will be cleaned daily. This will include pool cloths which will be sanitised every day and pool balls. Staff will sanitise the pool area quickly and efficiently before each table hire session.

12. Removing face masks

Patrons will be informed that staff can request them to remove face masks safely for the purpose of identification. If a patron fails to remove their face mask upon request they will be asked to leave.

13. Keeping the club quiet

All TVs will be muted. This will encourage patrons to keep their voices low without having to speak over the back ground noise. If patrons do seem to be speaking loudly or getting overly excited, staff will ask them politely to quieten down. If they do not, unfortunately they will be asked to leave. This is to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission.

14. Providing guidelines

Patrons will be asked to read through these guidelines before entering the club. These will be on our website and available to be emailed on request. These will also be placed on the club notice boards which are placed around the club.

It's free to become a member, apply today!