Snooker Room

We have a state of the art private snooker room. This showcases four star tables, this is the same tables the professionals play on at the world championships. Each table comes with a heated cloth, and plays to perfection, the room comes complete with a TV showing Sky/BT Sport on each table and all the tables will have a phone connected straight to the bar downstairs. Round the main table, we have also made extra seating in the form of a beautiful hand made bench.

On top of that, this is an idea I hope will give our room a real edge. Each table will be covered by CCTV, not for security, but if you do a break or shot you are real proud of, we will pull it off the CCTV and send it to you, so you can showcase it to your friends and family.

It doesn’t stop there though, on the TV connected to your table, if watching sport isn’t your thing, you will be able to watch the other three tables in the room. Just imagine the banter when you and your mates are playing over two tables, one misses an easy shot, you will be able to see it just from looking up at your TV.

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